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Next Time You're At Strip Steak, Say Hi to Dan!

65 N. Park Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570     1-516-678-7272
George Martins Strip-Steak                                                                The George Martin Strip Steak is an intimate steakhouse located near the Great South Bay. Strip Steak offers savory dry-aged steaks as well as a full menu of chops, seafood and house specialties, all sure to be palate pleasers! Join us for dinner, host a party in one of our private dining rooms or simply enjoy a cocktail at the bar. Strip Steak serves dinner seven nights a week and is available for private parties during the day. 

We took a few minutes to sit down with Waiter, Dan, who is one of Strip Steak’s finest employees. Please view the interview below:

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Interviewer: So Dan, where are you from?

Dan: Lake Grove, NY

Interviewer: What Appetizer do you recommend to Strip Steak customers?

Dan: The Seared Tuna Sashimi. It is not something you would not think to find on a steak house menu however it is a wonderful way to start off a meal. It is peppercorn crusted so it has a little kick to it and it is sliced very thin so it is also excellent dish to share with your other guests.

Interviewer: What Entree do you recommend to customers?

Dan: Our 20 oz Cowboy Ribeye. This is truly a meat eater’s steak. Like all of our steaks it is 21 day dry aged certified Angus beef. The ribeye is known for being heavily marbled which gives it a very intense flavor profile. It is also served on the bone which adds to the flavor of the meat while it's been charred in our 1400 degree broiler. Anyone who orders this is not walking away unsatisfied.
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Interviewer: What Dessert do you recommend to customers?

Dan: I could honestly recommend any of our delicious desserts but the truth of the matter is that by the time dessert arrives most of my guests are too full to eat anymore. That is why I always suggest the California Strawberry Trio. We take fresh cut strawberries and line them on a plate with a decadent chocolate panache dipping sauce and three dry toppings: toasted coconut, crusted pecans and a brownie crumble. It is perfect to share with a small or a large group and still leaves you room for an espresso or an after dinner drink.

Interviewer: What Drink do you recommend to customers?

Dan: When it comes to bourbon I am somewhat of a purist so when I saw that we were serving a Maker's Mark Manhattan with a swirl of Grade A Vermont Maple Syrup I was immediately suspicious. However, once I tried our Strip Steak Manhattan I knew i had found my new favorite cocktail.
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Interviewer: What do you like most about working at George Martin Strip Steak?

Dan: I like the "home town restaurant" atmosphere. Some people might think that a restaurant of our caliber might be stuffy or pretentious but honestly, everyone who comes in here acts as if we've been part of the neighborhood for decades. It's nice to work at a place where it feels like you're at home.

Interviewer: What is the funniest story you have from working at George Martins?

Dan: So apparently we have a ghost that lives in the basement of the building. I don’t personally believe it's true but some of the people who work here get worked up about it on occasion. I once stood in the corner of the basement with a table cloth over my body and waited for a fellow employee to come downstairs to get some ice.

gm_stripsteak (5 of 47)Interviewer: Who are some of your favorite customers?

Dan: I don’t want to use any names but there is a couple that lives around the block. Every time they come in the husband greets me with a handshake and the wife kisses me on the cheek. They love to try different items off our menu and they both have such a great appreciation for the quality of food and service we provide here. They always make me feel like I am treating them like gold (which I do).

gm_stripsteak (16 of 47)Interviewer: What is your specialty? What makes you different than the other employees?

Dan: I am funny and engaging without being too informal. I have also been known to sing for a table or two.

Interviewer: Do you have a favorite quote or line that you like to use with customers?

Dan: I don’t like to stick to a script; it tends to make servers more robotic and less personable.

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Interviewer: What hours or days do you work so people can look for you?

Dan: My only day off is Tuesday

Interviewer: Is there anything else you would like customers to know?

Dan: Take advantage of our happy hour at the bar. Come in and get a buy one get one free wine or beer or a $4 Svedka Vodka Cocktail at the bar before you sit down for dinner.

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You heard it from Dan; stop George Martin’s Strip Steak any night of the week for a pleasant evening and a great dining experience.

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